Sunday, August 22, 2010

God remains the same

15 months ago, my friend was crushed as the birthmother of her soon-to-be adopted son changed her mind the day before the court date. Still, she and her husband clung to the belief that this was not the end of their story. Friday night I sat at my computer and looked at pictures on facebook of them welcoming Zacharay as he joined their family forever. I cried over the sight of their 5 children sitting together on the couch. It took 2 years, but it really happened!

Today, I got an email in my inbox leading me to a blog. I saw a pregnancy test with 2 pink lines and struggled to wrap my brain around what I was seeing. Ryan’s brother and his wife were having a baby! After 14 years of marriage, we just assumed that it would never be. Little did we know that this was a very long process for them. I cried as I called to congratulate them, and then as I read the blog of the journey since they got that positive test. I couldn’t believe it!

After I had digested all that, I went back into my email and clicked on the next message that was sent 3 min after the previous message from Ryan’s brother. It was from a dear friend and it told us that the birth mother of their soon-to-be adopted daughter had changed her mind as well. I cried again as I thought of how heartbroken they must be right now with their arms aching to hold a baby.

As I left the computer and moved onto mopping my floor, I was trying to process all that has happened to those I love over the last 3 days. It occurred to me that God is the same in all these situations. He was the same when my friends got the news of Zachary’s mother’s change of heart 15 months ago as he was in their jubilation on Friday. He is the same in Ryan’s brother and sister-in-law’s struggle to get pregnant as he is now when they are sharing the news of their pregnancy. And he’s the same God when my friends are coping with the news they received as he will be when they are finally holding a long-awaited baby in their arms! We’ve all experienced heartbreaking struggles and joyful exultation in the course of this crazy life. It’s comforting to know that though our circumstances may change, the God we serve remains the same.

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