Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Super Coupon-ing

My friends Amy and Angela have been following these blogs where someone matches up store sales with manufacturer coupons, internet coupons and store coupons. They essentially do all the work for you and you just decide what you want to buy! I was so inspired by them that I began doing it, too. I finally found a blog in my area and she covers the stores where I shop. So today, I did my 2nd Target trip and was excited to save a bunch of money! It took a bit of time, but that's something I have. I printed coupons and matched them up and got all ready while the kids were napping. When they got up, we headed out. Granted, they had 1/2 a hotdog and Eggo waffles for dinner because it was crazy, but look what I got. I think you'll agree that it's worth it!

3-Old Spice Body Washes
(included 2 travel size body washes and 1 travel size deodorant)
Old Spice Deodorant
2 - Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean starter kits
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel
Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush starter kit
2 - Benedryl itch relief sticks
Hotwheels bandages
Olay Total Effects body wash
10 bars of Ivory soap
Kleenex hand towels
7th Generation cleaning spray
Glade fabric and air refresher
Pampers baby wipes
GE Reveal lightbulbs
Schick Hydro 5 Razor
Carefree pantyliners

After the sales and coupons, I paid $18.03 out of pocket. Plus, I have 2 rebates to send in tomorrow (just a word to the the checkout, I borrowed their stapler and attached the receipts to the rebate forms so I didn't lose it like last time :) The rebates will return to me $12.53. So, basically I paid $5.50 for everything you see above! OK, if you want to nitpick, I can add the 84 cents for postage and I'm still at $6.34! I am so excited about doing this on a regular basis. The really neat thing is that we have a food pantry at our church. What I've been told is that you can only use food stamps on food items. So personal care, cleaning and paper products are a premium - and those are what I am able to get for super cheap! So if you're looking to build your pantry or share with others or just looking for a new addiction try this!

Oh, and the blog for northeast ohio is

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Tobin had his friend Josiah over today and they were outside in their costumes riding bikes when all of a sudden it got really quiet. So, I peeked outside and this is what I saw...

It turns out they were mesmerized by these little remote control gas cars that the neighbor was buzzing all over the streets. So they grabbed our waterproof pillows, abandoned their bikes, threw their costumes on the ground and watched. I couldn't resist, so I grabbed the camera and joined them!

Just gotta love gorgeous, lazy days, good friends and silly bandz!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Stroll for Epilepsy

In just two weeks, our family will be heading to Michigan to support a close friend, Amy Peterson. She and her son, Carter, both have been diagnosed with epilepsy. We will be participating with her team (Team Peterson) in the 2010 Summer Stroll for Epilepsy™.

Please join me in an effort to raise necessary funding for the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan. I am very excited to meet my fundraising goal. Your support in this event would mean a lot to me and individuals with epilepsy. I would be so grateful if you could walk as a part of my team or contribute to the cause. Please write back or log on to my page to read more about the event. Thank you so much!

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Epilepsy Foundation - Michigan

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