Monday, May 17, 2010

Reflecting on the Half Marathon

So I did it! I tried to talk Ryan out of the half marathon and into the 5K or 10K, but he would not be moved. I'm so thankful, too! 13.1 miles with our kids in strollers seemed like too big of a feat, but it was amazing. It helped me to realize that I can accomplish way more than I think I see that many of my limitations are self imposed. I told Ryan in that last 2 miles that I felt like it was a day of mind games for me. In the beginning, not seeing that I could do it; at 4 miles feeling very sore and wondering if I could do another 9; at 7 miles knowing that we were over half way; powering through miles 11 and 12 pushing strollers uphill when we were all tuckered out; running chunks of that last mile with sore feet and knees. But honestly, the feeling of crossing the finish line and becoming so emotional is totally addicting! I loved being able to accomplish it as a family. To hug my husband. To tell my kids how amazing they did. Our family will continue reaping benefits from being healthy and reaching goals together. Tobin kept saying last night, "I can't believe you did the half marathon Mommy. I didn't think you could!" How powerful of a statement is that?! I didn't think I could either, but I did. And my children saw the whole thing!

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